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New Tetenal Magic Box

If you follow the news it’s been tough for Tetenal lately. Happy to see that New Tetenal plan is working and they come up with new products!

Low and behold the New Tetenal Mabic Box! Kit to process 1 roll of 135/36 film.

What if we try processing 2 rolls?

I decided not to push it very far and went with two 24 frame rolls. Given the kit yields 250ml of solution neither of my two tanks would work.

Paterson needs 290ml and Jobo 2050 270ml.

I managed to find Jobo 1520 that takes only 240ml for a rotary development, I suspect there are other options. Anyway 250ml is a limitation for me.

Developing 24 frames instead of 36 means less film to submerge – less amount of chems needed. I felt courageous.


As impatient as I am I decided not to put any effort into the test rolls and just snapped those 50 shots doing a selfie photosesh with the second one.

I couldn’t really focus nor could I observe the light. But it’s good to check color shifts and development, right?

Results are pretty impressive. Given the cheapo Kodak ColorPlus and various lighting conditions.

I think it’s a great product for those of us who doesn’t shoot a lot of color film. Especially RA-4 Kit for colour prints I would like to try.

Two wishes I have are:

  • 300ml kit or an instruction how to dilute and adjust timings.
  • 4 rolls of film kit.

Please go buy it. We need to support the one of the last factories that still produce the photo chemicals.

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