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Kodak Ektar 25

I’ve got 2 rolls of Ektar 25 couple of years ago. Two decades of expiration meant I should be shooting it around 6-8 ISO which means a sunny day plus a tripod.

You don’t get a lot of sun in Hamburg, so those rolls have been sitting in my fridge all the way until I moved to Munich.

This autumn I decided to finally give it a shot and loaded the first roll in my Yashica MAT-124.

I chased morning and evening golden hours to capture rapidly decaying autumn colors. Retrospectively I should be shooting it rather 12 ISO or even at the box speed. But you never know for sure with expired film.

Do I like the look of it? Definitely! Going to hunt for some more on eBay.


Dmitriy Rozhkov
I'm a Software Engineer with a passion for photography. Engineering mindset and curiosity push me to experiments.

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